FAQs about Sunday's workshop

Hello! Taking Care: creating a self-directed movement ritual to nourish body and mind is happening on Zoom on Sunday. Click the link for more event details and tickets!

In the meantime, I wanted to share answers to some frequently asked questions about this workshop.

Q: What is a self-directed movement ritual?

A: Simply, it’s whatever you decide to do when you consciously set aside time to take care of yourself. Sometimes it might involve yoga, sometimes it might involve meditation, sometimes it might involve setting up a restful position and just relaxing for 10 minutes. The point is that you develop the ability to discern what would be most useful to you on any given day, and then can provide that for yourself.

Q: What is wrong with group classes?

A: Absolutely nothing! Group classes are awesome. But in a group class, even the best teacher will never be able to meet every student’s needs fully. When you direct your own movement practice at home, you can always meet your own needs completely. This is not only physically beneficial, but an opportunity to develop self-trust and self-compassion. 

Q: Can I still take group classes/private sessions if I decide to create a home practice? 

A: Yes! Our needs for physical restoration, connection, and spiritual fulfillment often fluctuate and need to be met in different ways at different times. Learning how to direct your own movement ritual at home simply gives you another tool to use as you wish. Group classes and private instruction are fantastic ways to get inspiration, learn new things, or be in community. Sometimes a special circumstance arises, like an injury or a specific goal, and meeting with a teacher 1:1 can be helpful. This is why people who take my workshop on Sunday will always get a 25% discount on private sessions.

Q: I don’t have a lot of space at home. Can I still do this?

A: Yes, you can. You might need to get a little creative, or move a coffee table off to the side, but really, you just need enough space for the length of your body when you’re flat on your back. 

Q: I have no experience at all with yoga and I don’t know how to move safely or what to do. How will I learn without a teacher?

A: During the workshop, I will be teaching a collection of safe movements to incorporate into your practice. You’ll receive the recording to revisit as often as you like! And at the end of the workshop there will be time for you to ask about your specific goals or injuries so I can make recommendations just for you. I will also share lots of online resources and books for learning about safe functional movements and injury management/prevention. Finally, I’m always available for a quick Q&A over email or a more in-depth 1:1 session to help you come up with a plan. 

Q: Why would you want students to learn how not to need a teacher, if you’re a teacher?

A: There are lots of interesting things that I and other teachers can share with you about anatomy, breathing, meditation, and more. But none of us will ever know what you need better than you know it yourself. I will always be available to answer questions and provide 1:1 support if desired, but one of my strongest beliefs as a yoga practitioner and a teacher is that you are your own best teacher. This workshop is a way for me to put that belief into practice. 

Q: Is there a discount code? 

A: Yes! 2021 is the code for 15% off the price of the workshop. 

Other questions? Reply to this email!