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FREE yoga for healthcare workers tomorrow


If you saw my last email, or follow me on Instagram, you know that tomorrow afternoon I’m hosting a free yoga class on Zoom for healthcare workers.

Forward this email to a healthcare worker who might like to take an hour to themselves. Nurses, midwives, doulas, doctors, dentists, therapists—all healthcare workers and those in healthcare-adjacent fields are welcome.

No experience with yoga is required to take this class, and the only materials you need are a quiet space and your body.

The class recording will be available to everyone registered, so please sign up even if you can’t make it at 4pm ET.

Register here!

Stay well,


P.S.—Zoom fatigue? Tired of taking streamed classes online? Maybe the pressure to workout at home is feeling like too much, and not enough, all at once. I have a workshop coming in January just for you: Taking Care: creating a self-directed movement ritual to nourish body and mind.

More details coming soon. In the meantime, you might like this blog post: All Movement is Yoga.