yoga streaming schedule this week

week of Monday, April 20th

Hello everyone!

a new way to watch livestreams is here

We’re streaming again this week, and now you have the option to view the streams on my website at You can still view the streams live on YouTube, and see the recordings after.


livestream schedule

Tuesday at 9am ET (45-minute flow)

Thursday at 9am ET (45-minute flow)

Saturday at 9am ET (45-minute flow)

recorded classes for beginners

Catch Foundational Flows on YouTube. Currently there are flows for Downward Facing Dog and Bridge. More coming soon!


spotify playlists

It’s time to add some music to our flows! I’ll be making playlists for you to use at home that you can find on my Spotify.


Here’s the playlist for tomorrow’s class:

Thanks, everyone. If you like the livestreams and you want to support me, subscribe on YouTube!

See you soon,