yoga streaming schedule this week

Week of Monday, April 27th

Hi everyone!

Classes are streaming on YouTube this week, all times Eastern Time. Accompanying playlists will be available on Spotify:

Tuesday at 9am, 45-minute practice: Yoga for Release

Release the muscles that are scrunched up from sitting all the time, and turn inward as you work on some forward folds.

Livestream + Spotify

(bring 2 blocks, or something similar, and a blanket or towel)

Thursday at 9am, 45-minute practice: Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel) Flow

A backbending sequence to open the chest, work shoulders and glutes, and give your thoracic spine something new to do.

Livestream + Spotify

Saturday at 9am, 60-minute practice: On Your Toes Flow

Work your foundation and get back to foot-shaped feet instead of shoe-shaped feet.

Livestream + Spotify

(bring a small ball or a piece of fruit, like a lemon or an orange)

See you there!