yoga this week: warrior 1, shoulder mobility, and eagle

week of Monday, May 11th

Hi everyone,

Classes are streaming on YouTube this week, all times Eastern Time. Accompanying playlists will be available on Spotify.

Tuesday at 9am, 45-minute practice: warrior 1 flow

A class that builds up to warrior 1, a deceptively challenging posture. If warrior 1 confuses you, check out this sequence!

Livestream + Spotify

Thursday at 9am, 45-minute practice: shoulder mobility

A class for all levels to work on shoulder mobility.

Livestream + Spotify

Saturday at 9am, 60-minute practice: garudasana (eagle) flow

A longer flow that builds up to garudasana (eagle). What we work on during Tuesday and Thursday’s classes will prepare you really well for this class, too!

Livestream + Spotify

Catch last week’s classes, and the growing library of recorded streams, on YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe there! If you have requests for future classes, reply to this email.

See you soon,